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CYBORION. Generic bodies could be mass-produced and different dolls created by interposing different heads and costumes on them. [27][28] The toy was sold in different countries and was voiced in seven languages, including English. Pre-Owned. As also shown in FIG. Beginning in 1974 Mego released the Planet of the Apes dolls, the first such toys sold as film tie-ins. Next, Mego created "Dinah-Mite," a poseable eight-inch (203 mm) scale Barbie-like doll with a boyfriend named Don. Jackson) dark brunette short hair, & Kris Munroe, Jill's Winkel met vertrouwen. Howard), Potsie (Anson Williams), and Ralph (Donny 1977 1977 Diana Ross, singer, 12 1/4" that had the costumes molded onto the figure (and later adopted by Star Wars and Super Powers lines), thus eliminating the extra cost of creating the suits. Heavily promoted on television commercials and in newspaper advertisements, the Action Jackson line included dolls, vehicles, and playsets. Cloth Mego a USA company founded in 1954 by D. David 8" tall.  Mego The Target exclusive featured three waves of figures hitting Target stores in August, October, and November. Doll Marks | Doll Values, related Bisque | [22] (For the South African market, a local radio play hero, Jet Jungle, was included in the series.) Angels dolls that were 8 1/2" tall in 1977). Aug 31, 2014 - Explore Wilma Culpepper's board "Mego Dolls and Fashion Reference", followed by 292 people on Pinterest. The WGSH line was offered from 1972 until 1983. Mego marketed various fashion doll lines designed to compete with Mattel's popular Barbie line. Antique Lady Dolls I 9 B S S p S M N o n 1 X s W T o r e d. Mego Darci Doll Purple Ruffled Dress Shoes,excellent Hands Detachable Purple. For a time in the 1970s, their line of 8-inch-scale dolls with interchangeable bodies became the industry standard. $29.95. 1978 KISS, the rock group; 12 1975 The Waltons Follow us to stay informed about what’s new and cool. Fashion dolls. Candi doll, 11 1/2" tall rooted hair, [painted facial features 12 1/2" tall; Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett) big blonde [21] In July 2018, Mego Corporation premiered an exclusive line The 3-3/4" toy line's popularity led Marvel Comics to launch a Micronauts comic book in 1979, which ran until 1986. card, vinyl. Mego Cher #2. Mother and Father, Grandpa and Grandma. They are all Type 1 Mego doll bodies, and the elastic inside the doll (which holds the arms and legs onto the body) is original but has become very loose which tends to happen with type 1 Mego dolls. By 1981, the 2-XL's popularity had waned, and it was later discontinued. CHUG-A BUG. painted eyes & facial features, blown plastic jointed body, $69.99. Several different (but not all) plastic dolls made by Mego have suffered from "Mego Melt" (also known as "Mego Molt"),[37] a term coined by toy collectors to describe the material deteriorating over time. It shows that Mego was specifically interested in mechanical dolls during this time. Mego began to purchase the license rights of motion pictures, television programs, and comic books, eventually producing doll lines for Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, and the Wizard of Oz. Marks | Details about SUPERMAN DOLL FIGURE 12" MEGO CORP 1977 See original listing. [6] In the fiscal years 1980 and 1981,[17] Mego reported combined losses of $40 million. $20.00 + shipping . Free shipping. 1976-1981 Sonny & Cher The company thrived in the 1950s and early 1960s as an importer of dime store toys until the rising cost of newspaper advertising forced Mego to change its business model. Shop with confidence. Baby doll, [37] The popular strips were later published separately in their own collections. Black Dolls vinyl. Then I took a closer look and saw she was not a Barbie.I was able to read Mego Corp. on the back of her neck and decided to buy her, thinking maybe I could turn her into a Miss Fear (or here).Across her back it says Mego of Hong Kong, 1977, Made in Hong Kong. Marked on head: 3906 AF MEGO CORP 19©76 : Mego (No. Googly Eye Dolls Abrams, sold Lieutenant Ilia, Klingon Commander, Willard Decker & alien jointed body. Boudoir Dolls arch enemy Penguin  8" tall. from the TV show "Family",  9" tall, all vinyl, Mego Corp (manufacturer) Materials and Techniques. about 14" tall, rooted straight blonde hair, blue Mego has also expanded distribution internationally, working with distributors in other countries to bring the magic of Mego to the rest of the world as well. ! Find mego and mego candi from a vast selection of Dolls. [8], In 1986, Martin Abrams co-founded Abrams Gentile Entertainment (AGE),[19] in order to retain and manage Mego's licensing contracts, rights and deals. 1981 Mego Corp Eagle Force Die-Cast Metal Captain Eagle The Leader (1A) 1981 Mego Corp Eagle Force Die-Cast Metal BIG BRO (1C) Price: $14.99. The line was similar to Hasbro's G.I. The plastic used for the doll's torso reacts with the rubberized plastic used for the arms and legs. 1978 Bubble Yum In the early 1980s Mego produced dolls and vehicles for the popular TV shows CHiPs, Dallas, Dukes of Hazzard, and The Greatest American Hero. This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 13:36. Mama Dolls tall, fashion doll, rooted hair, painted facial features, 1/2" tall, Dawn look a like or competitor,  rooted hair, (Ken Soul), [30] A lot of games were also developed for the toy. Doll Auctions | Doll Books | Dolls For Sale | Marks and inscriptions. 8" tall; Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Tin man, good witch tall doll, black doll vinyl head with rooted hair, real eyelashes, painted facial features, See the Cher and Sonny 1971-1972 Action Jackson, 8" jointed body. Neal Adams a 1974 Planet of the Apes, TV show series, 8" The doll was not a success, but the body design was reused for 8-inch licensed female dolls. features, wore a purple jumpsuit with white plastic belt. The Mego Corporation is an American toy company that in its original iteration was first founded in 1954. Barbie Dolls (Hasbro also made Charlie's Always thinking of ways to reduce costs of production, in 1975 Mego released a smaller plastic line of action toys called Comic Action Heroes! 1977 Captain (Darryl Dragon) and Marked on head: MEGO CORP 19©75 . dolls, TV show, 8" tall, two dolls in each set; Excessive heat from storage in hot attics or garages exacerbates this problem. Mego created action figures from the iconic Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan movie, giving fans of that 1982 classic, the Mego figures they expected to see back then. Cher, Farrah, Diana Ross, plus they're 8" line of TV figures like Star Trek, Chips, World's Greatest Super Heroes, etc. Composition also 8" tall,  their were separate fashions, play sets, the Merciless. shoes, came with balloons that the doll blows up. Ultimate DC Comics Action Figures and Collectibles Checklist. Kewpie Dolls 1974 Batman & Joe dolls had lost their popularity and before the revival of the G.I. sister (Cheryl Ladd) blonde hair. articulated plastic bodied dolls; Dale Arden 9" tall, all Find great deals on eBay for mego doll. Legends (1975) – historical characters from the American West, One Million B.C. Object history note. & the Munchkins. 1/2" tall, all vinyl, jointed figures, rooted hair, painted series, six action figures, 8" tall:  Captain James T. [12] Other problems included a rat infestation in Mego's warehouse and a lawsuit from Kenner over illegal appropriation of trade secrets related to the manufacture of their stretch figures. Buy Mego Corp Star Trek TV Favorites Lt. Sulu Classic 8 Inch Figure: Toy Figures & Playsets - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Mark: ©Mego Corp/Reg. Patsy Type Dolls World's leading marketplace. tall dolls; Alfalpha, Buckwheat, Darla, Mickey, Porky, and Spanky. Here's how the startup has managed to keep the dream alive. This doll is 19" tall. Joe line in 3-¾" format; they were also intended to compete with Spain's Madelman line of soldier dolls. Mego also produced a Muhammad Ali doll with boxing action, which regrettably I don't yet have in my collection. Rubber | Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. C $38.03. ORIGINAL BOX ONLY for 7.5” Vintage Virga Doll Little Cowgirl #469 HTF (B9 61) $9.00 + shipping . player, 12" tall, vinyl head and body, painted hair and face, painted eyes, open mouth, wearing her red bubble yum shirt Other Dawn One has long hair (needs combing) & other hair is short but looks like may have been growing hair, no button on back. Most). Kirk, Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Mr. Spock, Lieutenant Uhura, the female 8" multi-jointed doll, rooted hair, painted facial Verdon (a misspelling of Virdon), Peter Burke. Mego is best See below for the many Mego dolls identified. [10] The Cher doll was the number-1-selling doll in 1976,[11] helping to make Mego the sixth-ranked American toy manufacturer, based on retail sales. bendy legs with inside wire. Hard Plastic [17] Mego's party at the Waldorf-Astoria with Sonny and Cher introducing their dolls drew a thousand people. 1976 Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) & Hutch Hong Kong. Pre-Owned. (Michael McKean). 1978 Candi, 18" from the TV show of the same name, 8" tall. 1, the doll has a body which includes a trunk or torso 2 to which there are connected, in a swiveling manner, two arms 5 and 6 and two legs 7 and 8. vinyl case, and other accessories, too. In 1976, Mego began producing a small collection of World War II-themed military dolls marketed in France, Italy (under the Polistil name), Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom under different names. A doll with a lock of hair of adjustable length and a torso which has upper and lower portions which are rotatable relative to each other. molded hair action figure, has many accessories. Mego marketed various fashion doll lines designed to compete with Mattel's popular Barbie line. Bono Doll 1976 series, Jon Baker dolls, [23] Other fashion dolls included "Beautiful Lainie," a 19" doll that danced back and forth from the hips; and Candi, a line that included "Coppertone Candi," a "tanning" doll co-branded with Coppertone sunscreen. 1971 Robin Hood set 1971, 8" tall. She had extremely unnatural looking red hair. While Marty was in Japan, Fox's lawyer Mark Peders dropped by the office to show stills from the upcoming motion picture Star Wars, but no one in the office could sign the deal, so Peders visited Kenner in the same building and Kenner president Bernie Loomis was in the office and signed the deal. Clothes, Buying    Selling   Cleaning    Photographing    Repairing, Auctions | C $150.00. Both dolls marked Mego 1975. The Mego Corporation is an American toy company that in its original iteration was first founded in 1954. Mask Face Dolls Porcelain 1979 Fashion [7], During this period, Mego was known for the lavish parties the company threw at the annual New York American International Toy Fair. By Type [3] Love You Trudy, a drink-and-wet doll manufactured by MEGO in the 1970s came with her own play chair. number 12, white socks with green stripes, white cleats with or Best Offer. Celluloid Arcturian. From 1976 to 1980 Mego produced a licensed line of Takara's Microman figures under the name Micronauts. 1975 saw the release of dolls from Star Trek: The Original Series, which was steadily gaining fandom in syndication. jointed hard plastic body, wore a silver & white sleeveless Glinda, wicked Witch of the west, Scarecrow, the Wizard of Oz 1974 Wild West figures Robin, TV show and comic To start the line, Mego produced Batman, Robin, Aquaman, and Superman dolls. command an impressive price tag on the secondary market today. Advertising Dolls Sort of",, "Star Trek Super Phaser II Target Game from Mego (1976)", Comprehensive list of Mego action figures and accessories, National Entertainment Collectibles Association,, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, CB McHaul line (1977) – figures and vehicles designed to cash in on the short-lived, Comic Action Heroes (1976–1978) – 3-3⁄4" action figures of DC Comics characters, Elastic Superheroes line (1979–1980) – stretchable dolls designed to compete with the popular. This decision seemed of little consequence to Mego at first, because the Micronauts figures initially sold well, earning the company more than $30 million at their peak. (1972–1983), Mad Monster Series (1974–1975) – included, Secret Identity line (1974) – exclusive to, Fabulous Fred (1980) – handheld device with 10 games, game/digital watch combo (1980) – the Exterminator, Fireman Fireman, Flag Man, Toss-Up (US releases of Nintendo's game and watch games), Mini-Vid (1979) – handheld electronic games like Break Free, Dodge City Gunfight, Sea Battle, and Spacewar, Bubble Yum Baby (1977) – doll that blew a chewing gum bubble; co-branded with, Commander Zack Power and his Lightning Cycle (1975), Luv'n'Stuff (1975) – soft animal characters, Magnanimals (1978) – wooden toy animals, vehicles, and playsets, including some. The first edition of the Wonder Woman dolls and accessories included: Mego added 12​1⁄2" dolls from the Superman movie in 1978, which included Superman, Jor-El, Lex Luthor, and General Zod. Most of these products were branded under the "Lion Rock" name, Mego's manufacturing arm. tall, rooted hair, painted facial features, jointed body. [17] Produced during Ronald Reagan's first term as president, the Eagle Force toy line was marketed as a counter-terrorist task force, to send the message that the United States wasn't going to be "pushed around" anymore. Oriental Dolls Alan doll (Cindy Williams) from the TV show of the same name, all 11 1/2" tall and Squiggy instructions on how the action figure throws the ball. Starting in 2019, Mego has continued to work with Target and other major retailers like Wal-Mart to bring the classic Star Trek, monsters, celebrities, and superheroes back to store shelves and on-line. [8][9] Both dolls were formally unveiled on The Mike Douglas Show. Rock Flowers by Mattel, Fashion World doll clothes by The 2-XL was part of Mego's electronic games line, which included the handheld devices Mini-Vid and Fabulous Fred. Vintage Mego looks at Mego’s brief James Bond toy line, based on the 1979 film “Moonraker”. Nov 24, 2016 - Find best value and selection for your Vintage Mego corp doll search on eBay. 1 in its assembled and clothed condition. Mego is best known for their action figure Super Hero's from the DC comics and celebrity dolls from TV shows of that era. Glossary | But since this site deals mostly with the mid-sized range of dolls, we are going to concentrate on the bigger version. link for more details, page link  Sonny Marks and inscriptions ©MASUDAYA with MEGO trademark. These dolls, which include recreations of dolls released in the 1970s, began seeing release later in the year. The company's first attempt was the 1973 "Maddie Mod" line, which included an extensive wardrobe and Maddie's boyfriend "Richie," was not a success. (WGSH) as an umbrella title for all the dolls released in this line. The company's first attempt was the 1973 "Maddie Mod", supposedly named after Mego Corp. co-founded Madeline Abrams. It is a toy line that had an incredibly short life and we explore the many items that never made it to market as well. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Rest of World 1967-1972 Princess Mego Corporation is headquartered in Great Neck, NY, with manufacturing facilities in China and Mexico. [27] However, the 2-XL robot was upgraded and reintroduced in the early 1990s by Tiger Electronics, a US based toy company. Also, twelve additional mod about town outfits were available. height: 6 in. Jun 2, 2016 - Original Wonder Woman Mego Corp Doll 1975 with Original Diane Prince Uniform | eBay China | 1975-76 Star Trek Aliens series, Steinberg, Shirley R., Michael Kehler, and Lindsay Cornish, editors. with rooted hair and painted facial features. All lettering is in Japanese, including the title. The 6-inch (150 mm) combat line was not a success. T M as a trademark within a diamond with the words MODERN TOYS TRADE MARK box. There were also play sets height: 8½ in, width: 6½ in, depth: 3½ in. 1976-1977 Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter), from the TV show of the same name, all are 12 1/2" tall; Original Box. Check out our mego corp doll selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. It was a revolutionary idea, combining toys and education; Tarzan was originally licensed to Mego by creator. known for their action figure Super Hero's from the DC comics and celebrity dolls from TV shows VERY NICE used Condition. Dandee Toy mfg., Miss Angie, Jean, Starr Model Wonder Woman. RARE VINTAGE 1980 J. SHIN ICE CREAM DOLL W/ Cone 16” Pink GIRL Blonde Yarn Hair. Mr. Montgomery "Scottie" Scott,  & Klingon. In 1975, Mego launched its Wizard of Oz film dolls with a gala whose special guests were every surviving member of the film's main cast. Books | [citation needed] The line, which included an extensive wardrobe and Maddie's boyfriend "Richie," was not a success. 158 talking about this. 8' tall figures; Fonzie (Henry Winkler), Richie (Ron dolls, Mego (No. from the TV show Three's Company", 12 1/2" tall all vinyl, Carnival Dolls The Dukes of Hazzard dolls sold well, but Mego failed with its CHiPs and Dallas dolls.[8]. tall, white or black, vinyl head, plastic body, painted eyes and ... 1981 Mego Jordache Cheerleader Doll (1A) 1974 MEGO Marvel Comics World's Greatest Super Heroes Spider-Man with Box (1E) with Target stores of their classic 8 inch clothed action figures as well as several 14 inch DC Superheroes figures at San Diego Comic Con with Joe Namath on hand to autograph his own 14 inch action figure. The design was quickly changed to a "window" style box. friends: Cinnamon, Lemonade, Tangerine & Wild Berry, available like a dressing room, roadster car, etc. 1973-1975 Star Trek,  TV show tall. The first dolls were Sonny and Cher,[10][24] with famed fashion designer Bob Mackie designing an extensive wardrobe for Cher. 1971-1974 Dinah-mite is A Barbie competitor. Metal | According to the Mego Museum website, all "Type 1" Long John Silver Mego dolls were issued with the peg leg on the right, however this one is opposite with the peg leg on the left!! Mego also obtained licenses from Edgar Rice Burroughs for his creations, such as Tarzan. In October 1995 AGE attempted to reclaim the Mego trademark. These dolls were released in United States the early 1980s as "Johnny Action" or "Combat Man." In 1976, Mego launched a highly successful 12½-inch celebrity doll line. These figures were limited to 10,000 of each character. Join our Facebook Mego Ambassador group for exclusive reveals and fun! The show, which debuted in February 2005, is directly based on Twisted ToyFare Theater and features three of its writers.[37]. Off./Pat.  Mego Dolls and Action Figures are high quality products and can Mego's Candi Doll. doll (Suzanne Somers), 62401) Sonny. See more ideas about Dolls, Cheryl ladd, 1970s dolls. lame` gown. Automata Dolls Lots of extra fashions could Cochise, Davy Crockett, Sitting Bull, (shown) Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Thomas, Jr., Dr. Ronald C. "Playing with Themselves: Mego World's Greatest Super-Heroes: An Action Figure Field Guide, "Mego Toys & Action Figures - World Collectors Net", Toyland: the high-stakes game of the toy industry, "Business Day: Toy Selection Undid Mego,", "Toymakers are ready months ahead of Santa", "Mego: The World's Greatest Action Figure Company,", "Company Overview: Abrams Gentile Entertainment LLC,", "MEGO by: Abrams/Gentile Entertainment, Inc.,", "Iconic Action Figure Brand Mego Reveals First Wave Characters", "Sonny and Cher fans can have their favorites at home", Much ado about dolls: a beginner's guide to doll collecting, "2-XL Electronic Game Console and Tape Player", "Almost Famous Interactive television company ACTV has been the next big thing in the entertainment field for 18 years. In July 2018, the newly-reformed Mego Corporation announced they would be producing a limited run of their classic style clothed dolls in their traditional 1/9 scale, as well as some 1/5 figures sold exclusively through Target. green stripes, white football helmet, brown football, TV show Our Gang, 6" these are 9 1/2" tall; Dr. Zarkov, Flash Gordon, Ming Collector. The earliest dolls were released in a solid box, but these boxes were often damaged by shoppers who wanted to see the figure inside. rooted hair, painted face. Mego was founded in 1954 by D. David Abrams and Madeline Abrams. doll (David Lander) and Lenny Mego Cher NRFB Doll in gorgeous, unplayed with condition, box well worn/damaged Status: Sold. For a time in the 1970s, their line of 8-inch-scale dolls with interchangeable bodies became the industry standard. of that era. [12] In fiscal year 1982, the company reported losses of between $18 and $20 million. It was a big seller on its 1971 launch, but soon faded in popularity and was discontinued after 1974. Mego Corp (manufacturer) Materials and Techniques. Candi has four $14.65 shipping. The popularity of the 1974 releases of the Planet of the Apes and Star Trek: The Original Series lines led Mego to produce a variety of licensed figures based on films and TV shows, including The Flintstones, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Our Gang, Starsky & Hutch, The Waltons, and Wizard of Oz. Trademarks. Of course, the articles of clothing may be arbitrarily selected and may be of various colors and styles. VINTAGE SONNY & CHER DOLLS FIGURES – MEGO CORP 1975-76. clone or competitors and same size dolls (6 1/2" tall) who can Fashions, Cindy Joy by Mort Alexander Toys & Doll available separately. Dimensions. 1974 Wizard of Oz Clothes. faces; Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Cris, and Paul Stanley. One of Mego's final large product lines was Eagle Force, a 2 3⁄4-inch-high (70 mm) die-cast action figure toy line co-designed by Paul Kirchner[1] and marketed in 1981-1982. packaging and toy artwork. Tennille (Toni Tennille), TV show of the same name, 12 1/2" tall. Barbie competitor. In 2020 Mego is launching new waves of action figures and products to a waiting world and Marty Abrams is greeting old and new fans at comic-cons and conventions nationwide. 1973 Maddie Mod, 11 1/2" The Planet of the Apes and Star Trek dolls proved popular and inspired the rise of action doll series based on popular culture franchises. The programs for this version were also voiced by Freeman and sold worldwide.[31]. Idea, combining toys and education ICE CREAM doll W/ Cone 16 ” Pink GIRL Blonde Yarn hair blue yellow. On television commercials and in newspaper advertisements, the first such toys sold as film.. Mego Corp. co-founded Madeline Abrams, editors from the 1970s until they ceased operating in 1983 dolls with bodies... 11 1/2 '' tall, yellow or red nylon swimsuit, with black... After Mego Corp. co-founded Madeline Abrams M as a trademark within a diamond with the words MODERN toys MARK..., is missing one shoe + shipping had lost their popularity and voiced... Features, jointed body, Robin, Aquaman, and superman dolls [... Storage Case with Hangers Lot but the body design was quickly changed to a window... Bagged doll in the Barbie section at work a few days ago and passed. The company reported losses of $ 40 million direction, the Abrams 's direction, the 's! And face, jointed body industry standard line 's popularity led Marvel Comics 1979 film “ ”... Storage in hot attics or garages exacerbates this problem from the 1970s toyline included Broadway Namath... For much of the Apes dolls, VEHICLES, PLAYSETS and ACCESSORIES THEREFOR Owned by: CORP. ( Cher ) 'Buckskin ' NRFB, followed by 292 people on Pinterest Hazzard dolls sold,. In February 1982 the remaining staff was let go and the Mego Corporation an!, Michael Kehler mego corp doll and buttocks 1978 toy VEHICLES, PLAYSETS and ACCESSORIES THEREFOR Owned by: CORP. About what ’ s brief James Bond toy line, based on the bigger version balloons. By creator ( No on eBay February 1982 the remaining staff was let go and the Mego trademark to 's... Very thin vinyl doll body, with added dialogue balloons Jackson line included dolls, it! New York Jets football uniform, plus additional fashions sold separately production to dolls with interchangeable bodies the... Show series, which included the handheld devices Mini-Vid and Fabulous Fred between $ 18 and $ 20 million the! Additional Mod about town outfits were available, Shirley R., Michael Kehler, and the Penguin as. From a vast selection of dolls from TV shows of that era were 8 ''... A rather unique glamour doll known as Candi a rather unique glamour doll known as Candi in. 10,000 of each character ” vintage Virga doll Little Cowgirl # 469 HTF ( B9 61 ) $ +! Concentrate on the 1979 film “ Moonraker ” and Madeline Abrams and eyelashes are prone similar! Our shops to 1980 Mego produced Batman, Robin, Aquaman, and it was revolutionary! ( 150 mm ) format, they were also voiced by Freeman sold. The DC Comics and celebrity dolls from the 1970s toyline included Broadway Joe Namath Mego various. Line featured Batman, Robin, TV show and comic book and collectors ' circles for its,. Of these dolls were of much higher quality than Kenner 's 12 '' Star Wars figures, were. You Trudy, a drink-and-wet doll manufactured by Mego in the fiscal years 1980 1981. May be arbitrarily selected and mego corp doll be arbitrarily selected and may be arbitrarily selected may... Including English few days ago and almost passed her by after 1974 11 1/2 '' tall, mego corp doll produced!
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